About the British Skin Foundation

There are eight million people living with a skin disease in the UK. Some are manageable, others are severe enough to kill. The British Skin Foundation is here to help change that.

The BSF is the UK's only charity dedicated to skin research, and all of their donations and fundraising events are crucial to enabling them to continue their work. The BSF has supported almost 300 research projects and awarded nearly £10 million in funding across all skin diseases including eczema, psoriasis and many more.

Their unwavering commitment to funding quality research means that The BSF won't stop until cures for common skin problems like eczema and acne through to potential killers like malignant melanoma are found.

In November 2015 SEQuaderma skin care and the British Skin Foundation (BSF) have joined forces to lead #TakeASEQondLook campaign to ask us all to challenge preconceptions based on appearance and to respect individuality.

About the Irish Skin Foundation

The Irish Skin Foundation is the national charity supporting people living with all skin conditions in Ireland.

Their mission is to ‘support in all ways possible, to advocate on behalf of, to educate all involved with, and to bring comfort to those affected by skin disease in Ireland, their families and their carers.

The Irish Skin Foundation supports on-going research through their close collaboration with the Charles Institute of Dermatology at UCD, provides updates of scientific advances for the treatment of skin conditions, and works hard to raise awareness of the challenge of living with a skin condition amongst decision makers as well as the public.

About Skin Deep Behind the Mask

SDBM’s main goal is to launch a skin centre where patients and sufferers can get expert care and advice. This centre will provide a retreat and access to support groups, workshops, help with managing treatment, art therapy and much more. The centre will also specifically invite friends and family, allowing them to receive the same education and experience first-hand the care and treatments as a skin disease sufferer whilst being tutored in treatment and relief techniques.

SDBM also provides education about skin conditions, assists with rehabilitation, and organises treatment trips, awareness events and Explore Activity Camps and workshops aimed specifically at children and young adults aged between 7-17yo affected by skin conditions. SDBM cares of providing help with stress management, mobility exercises and nutrition, as well as career advice.

We were pleased to feature an article about Shabana Islam – the founder of SDBM and her heroic fight through life’s challenges. We would love you to know her life story and introduce you to her charity. Please don’t miss this touching and inspirational video interview with Shabana (courtesy of Rachel Scarrott).

About talkhealth

talkhealth partnership are keen to provide the latest health information and support that is currently available across a range of conditions. The team's primary aim is to make health support easily accessible to everyone, offering interactivity between health professionals, charities and fellow patients and their carers.

The talkhealth teams are actively involved with the online communities and talk openly in their website forums and regularly on the blogs. They are always on the lookout for anything that they feel would be of interest to their audience and therefore openly encourage anyone to contact with news and information that they feel will be of genuine benefit to the community.

In 2015 talkhealth partnership helped us to introduce SEQuaderma to people in need of skincare solutions and have supplied several consumer reviews on our Testimonials, Bloggers and Reviews page.