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Skin Deep

New survey reveals women’s reality of living with a skin condition

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Thin Skinned

A study of 2,000 women, sponsored by SEQUADERMA™ active dermatology range, revealed over one in ten take a sick day feeling so anxious about their appearance they can’t show their face at work.

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Looking good on the outside is key to feeling good on the inside for most women

A survey of 2000 women, commissioned by SEQUADERMA™, a new active dermatology range from Pro Bono Bio plc, asked about the importance women place on their appearance and the effect their appearance has on their self-esteem.

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We tried it!

Looking for a product to target your very specific skin needs? We asked five women to try, test and rate some of the latest targeted skincare formulas.

One in four Irish women with poor skin abused over their looks

A QUARTER of Irish women with a skin condition receive abusive comments over how they look, according to a new national survey. More than half of all women have some type of condition, with many admitting it affects their daily lives.

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Skincare Industry News

09/12/15: 5 Winter-beating skin remedies

We may be baring less flesh than at the height of summer, but winter brings its own challenges for our skin. Cold dry air outside plus heat inside can mean cracking, itching and flaking. If you’re prone to skin complaints like eczema, acne or redness (rosacea) or daily checking up on your skin for signs of ageing then winter can make these worse. What’s more with the party season coming up, it’s more than our faces under scrutiny; our feet are on show in those backless party shoes and our hands get photographed holding drinks. Here are the solutions to five winter skin challenges.

06/12/15: SEQUADERMA is a new range of active dermatology products designed to restore skin health. There are several variations for specific skin concerns and I have tried the serum for ageing/thinning skin. The difference with this serum to normal serums is that is applied to clean skin before any other products and left to dry (which can take up to 10 minutes, but was around a couple of minutes for me) and fully sink in before you can use your normal skincare products, moisturisers etc. The serum is made up of tiny nanospheres that are able to penetrate the skin’s tough outer layer and deliver key ingredients in to the skin tissue. This is the reason the serum has to dry, to create the environment that allows the tiny lipid spheres in the serum to cross the skin. This serum claims to reduce the volume and appearance of wrinkles, improve skin tone, smoothness, firmness, elasticity, texture, hydration and a reduction in skin sagging. Perfect to start using now, skin will be radiant and firmer in time for Christmas. I noticed a considerable improvement in my skin and it looked a lot brighter and smoother after using this serum under my normal skincare routine for a couple of weeks. Available for £22.99

25/11/15: I have rosacea and am prone to redness so I tried SEQUADERMA with interest. After a month my skin is visibly clearer with far less redness. SEQUADERMA is a new range of skincare using award winning technology that has clinical trial evidence to help treat a range of common skincare problems. Gentle yet effective.

27/09/15: When I was diagnosed with Rosacea 10 years ago, (you can read about my diagnosis HERE), I was prescribed a rosacea treatment that made my skin even worse. So since then, I have avoided targeted treatments and relied on my own beauty knowledge and managed my symptoms as best I could with diet and lifestyle changes. When I was approached by SEQUADERMA to try their Redness-Prone Skin cream, I was a bit apprehensive and did a lot of reading to educate myself before agreeing to try it. But I’m so glad I did.

18/09/15: All this talk about lovely oils on the skin and the love and care that we do give our skin. One of the lovely things about writing this blog is that I get to find out about all sorts of new products coming out and one that I am particularly interested at the moment is SEQUADERMA. I like to try products for nearly two months to understand if it is going to make a difference and I have been trying the one for Ageing and Thinning Skin. We all know that problems and differences in our skin can have massive effects on people’s confidence and they also do other gels for other skin conditions.

02/09/15: I am Wednesday Addams pale, broken up only by rosy flushed cheeks and a permanently red nose. In general, this isn't too bad - it's cute, almost, given my creepy china doll colouring - however, it's made worse by just about anything; heat, cold, hot food, exercise of literally any kind, anxiety, embarrassment, tiredness... I could go on (basically, I was destined for the life I lead; sitting in watching Netflix and exerting myself as little as possible). So, when SEQUADERMA got in touch and I told them about my skin, I was really excited to hear they had something that could combat it - enter SEQUADERMA for Redness Prone Skin*.

30/08/15: Whenever new skincare products come on the market, I'm all over it like a rash - pun intended. I have eczema and acne, which are bad enough on their own but having both is some sort of fresh hell. When the people over at SEQUADERMA got in touch to ask if I wanted to review their gels I jumped at the chance.

01/01/01: I bought this from my local Lloyds Chemist about 4 weeks ago as it came highly recommended by the lady behind the counter. I posted about it at the time and set about trying this intriguing cream/serum. First off, you have to apply it twice a day and leave for 10 mins then wipe off with a damp tissue and continue with your regular skin regime. I was curious immediately as it is unlike any other anti-ageing product I have tried before. Now it has been 4 weeks since I started, and BOY can I see a difference!….. my skin is tighter all over my face and my lines have seriously diminished. Best of all, the ‘ventriloquist dummy’ lines at the side of my mouth are getting better and better! I barely notice them now…… I cannot wait to see what results I have after the recommended 8 weeks…….AMAZING stuff! (and no, I am not being paid to say that!). I highly recommend this serum for anyone who wants to tighten their skin.

01/01/01: Today I am going to be talking all about the SEQUADERMA Skin Solution products* and how they can really benefit your skin and achieve great results. The brand are driven by science and are all about improving the quality of people's lives through using the high technology of nanophysics to create fantastic healthcare products that can help with really tricky conditions such as redness prone skin and acne prone skin.

23/08/15: One of the nicest things about being a beauty blogger is that I get to discover brands I didn’t know were available if I wasn’t contacted about them, or was to come across them at beauty events or through the industry. The latest brand I have been uncovering over the past few weeks is a skincare range called SEQUADERMA – which is a brand new product range focusing on active dermatology to help to relieve a number of common skin conditions.

01/07/15: Business in beauty is huge, so isn’t it time to take the industry more seriously? Beatrice Aidin poses the question

30/06/15: It can be found in your burgers and cheese Vitamin B12 is notably found in beef, dairy, and some fish. It’s been used to improve memory and combat anemia. Now, according to a study just published in Science Translational Medicine and as reported on the Verge, it may be linked to acne.

01/07/15: A new gene linked to eczema and chronic itching has been discovered by scientists. Animal studies have revealed that a gene that promotes itch could signal promise in future eczema treatment.

01/07/15: Eczema is the WORST. Seriously. It looks gross, it’s so itchy and there’s no cure. But worst of all, we eczema-sufferers have to put up with people asking us the same damn stupid questions and making the same silly comments all the time…