The SEQuaderma customer

Living with skin conditions | Helping your customers

SEQuaderma dermatology skin care products for care of such skin conditions as acne, rosacea, eczema & seborrhoeic dermatitis can be used long term and on their own or in between drug treatments. They have no impact on other underlying conditions and will not interact with treatments for other disorders. SEQuaderma products will not compromise any medication and are suitable for those with multiple conditions.

SEQuaderma dermatology skin care products address the symptoms of the skin condition, rather than simply cover up or conceal them. Customers should select the appropriate serum based on their predominant symptoms. These are products for individuals who want to take control of their symptoms and – once improved – reduce the likelihood of recurrence. As the products address the symptoms themselves, they do not provide an ‘instant fix’. In our dermatology and cosmetic studies, the benefits were seen to increase over time and, in some cases, a few days’ treatment was needed before the symptoms started to improve. These products can be used over long periods of time.

We know that many customers are not happy with the safety or efficacy of their current medication or need something to use in between courses of pharmaceuticals. Equally, many customers may wish to reduce their use of drugs or cut down on drug treatments such as topical steroids. SEQuaderma skin care offers new choices for such customers.

Being drug free, SEQuaderma products can be used by anyone – regardless of comorbidities or concomitant medications. SEQuaderma dermatology solutions will not compromise existing medications. This means that patients who, for example, should avoid certain oral and topical medications now have a new option. Studies were not conducted in pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers but, as there is no drug and no systemic exposure, there is no evidence that SEQuaderma skincare products should be avoided. Patients should consult a healthcare professional if they have any concerns. Parents can be reassured that these products can be used by anyone over 12 years of age. There is no evidence that these products cannot be used by children below the age of 12 years, but again, advice should be sought from a healthcare professional if there are any concerns.

Customers that look for ease and convenience of application without compromising on a preferred daily/beauty routine will find SEQuaderma a convenient serum format that compliments regular skin care products as well as topical skin treatments.