Anti-Ageing Skin Care Tips

Care, make up tips & video tutorial for ageing thinning skin

Skin Care

Keep up a diligent daily skin cleansing and moisturising routine, as this becomes even more important as we all get older.
Avoid using soap, detergents, heavily perfumed cleansers or moisturisers, as these may irritate your skin.
Protect your face from the sun all year round and use facial sunscreens with at least 25 SPF. Don’t sit out in the midday sun without a wide brimmed hat and sunscreen./td>
It is good to regularly review your skincare routine, and be open to changing to products with active ingredients, especially ones that have been formulated specifically for ageing and thinning skin.
Do consider sleeping on your back or using silk pillowcases to try and prevent skin creases from awkward sleeping positions. Get a good night’s sleep too.
Don’t skimp on drinking water. Aim for 4-6 glasses a day.

By JULIE VAN ONSELEN Independent Dermatology Nurse and Educator

Make Up

Use a serum with active ingredients that specifically targets the signs of ageing. A high water content is something to look out for.
Use a primer (skin-smoothing product) on top of a rich moisturiser to help give your skin radiance and hold make-up in place all day, but avoid putting it around the delicate eye area.
A good sparkle-free highlighter can give your skin a youthful glow, tap it gently onto your eye area, without rubbing or dragging the skin.
Apply mineral-based powder strategically to reduce shine only where needed – usually the t-zone.
Make sure to fill in your eyebrows correctly, as fuller eyebrows can take years off your face. Use the same colour as the root of your hair. If you add concealer just under the hairs, this can lift the eyebrow shape and give you a more youthful look.
Line your lips to add youthful fullness. Brighter tones are more flattering than nudes as we get older.
Use blusher on the apples of the cheeks and blend upwards. Rosy toned blushers work for older skin by lifting the complexion.
Don’t overload your eyes with eye cream, but instead use your ring finger to tap the cream onto your orbital bone and it will travel upwards on its own.
Don’t buy a whole array of products and use them all at once – you may either dilute their benefit, or, some of the ingredients may even conflict with one another which can lead to irritation.
Avoid using a black eyeliner as it can look too harsh, instead go for soft eyeliners in dark grey, brown or navy.

By DANI GUINSBERG Make-up artist and CEO, Creative Director and Founder of The Session School

Dani shot this helpful make up tutorial video for SEQuaderma to show you how to professionally care for ageing thinning skin.

Thank you Ceri Wheeldon for being such a great model.

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